Par 4

Hole 14: Mahon’s Burn

Mahon’s Burn This double dogleg par 4 requires a good teeshot to find a generous fairway but the burn beckons for anything too long on the left hand side. Beware of the false front on this green and bunker on … Read More

Hole 18: Christy’s Farm

Christy’s Farm A blind teeshot requires picking the correct line which, for long hitters, is the right edge of the fairway. The carry is shorter on the LHS. The middle of the green is a good objective for the approach. … Read More

Hole 17: The Gallery

The Gallery A decision is required on the tee as to whether to play to the end of the fairway or “have a go” and get sufficiently far enough past the end of the fairway. The RHS of the fairway … Read More

Hole 15: Through the Gap

Through the Gap Long hitters may take on the hill on the right hand side from the tee giving a short approach. The bunkers to the left of the green are to be avoided as is anything over the back … Read More

Hole 11: Lissadell

Lissadell A tough par 4 into the prevailing wind. The fairway slopes quite severely from left to right so favour the left hand side. Any approach missing short or right will have trouble making par. Hole #11 COURSE GUIDE Par … Read More

Hole 10: Benbulben

Benbulben A new championship tee and extended green have added during the recent revitalisation making a stern test for the start of the back nine. Favour LHS of fairway to get a good view of the green for the approach. … Read More

Hole 8: The Churn

The Churn A left to right dog-leg requires a good tee-shot. A hidden dip short of the green make the approach seem shorter than it is. Hole #8 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 484 Yards Score Index 4 Tee Box Yardage … Read More

Hole 7: Ewing’s Profile

Ewing’s Profile A straight par 4 that looks benign but trouble awaits any errant approach with a cavernous burn protecting the green. Favour the LHS of green with your approach. Hole #7 COURSE GUIDE Par 4 431 Yards Shot Index … Read More

Hole 6: Bomore

Bomore A tough driving hole with OB all along the RHS and bunkers to the left. The fairway also slopes slightly left to right so a sliced drive will find trouble. Do not miss the green on LHS. Hole #6 … Read More

Hole 3: Metal Man

Metal Man Favour the RHS of the fairway from the tee. Danger lurks left and right when going for it in 2. A lay-up over the road is a smart play leaving a short iron to this tricky green. Hole … Read More